Torque Wrench Loader
Torque Wrench Loader
Torque Wrench Loader

Torque Wrench Loader

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Our Torque Wrench Loader is the ideal tool for testing a wide variety of torque wrenches including Click, Cam, Dial, Digital and more.  With this torque wrench loader and it's unique features, it makes a great in-lab or on-site tool for providing repeatable readings on your torque wrench testing.  When ordering, we'll ask for your specific torque transducer type to make sure we get the right adapter for your needs.



  • Ridged main body built to calibrate wrenches up to 2000 ft/lb but sensitive enough to be used for common torque wrenches.
  • Multiple position torque wrench cradle to hold the unit under test in a consistent place ensuring repeatable loading.
  • Wide stance frame for stable in-lab or onsite portable use.
  • Easy to operate by hand, slide and lock in place gantry accommodating small to large wrenches.
  • Large hand operated drive wheel with oversized linear drive screw supported by both radial and thrust axis bearings ensuring a smooth and strong operation.
  • One custom machined transducer adapter included for horizontal use.  Additional adapters are available as well in a wide variety of options.
  • Pictures shown with multiple transducer mounts making switching between them quick and simple.