Ruler Calibrator - Stand Alone LCD Microscope
Ruler Calibrator - Stand Alone LCD Microscope
Ruler Calibrator - Stand Alone LCD Microscope

Ruler Calibrator - Stand Alone LCD Microscope

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This NEW system incorporates a fully stand alone LCD microscope without the need for any supporting equipment making this version truly portable.

Properly Calibrated Rulers are at the core of traceability and accuracy for many manufacturing processes and product inspections. Calibration Designs has redesigned and created an improved field service portable, laboratory grade calibration fixture with the ability to test, calibrate and certify  various ruler types including steel rulers, flexible tape style rulers and more.

With this fixture, you will have the ability to quickly and accurately calibrate rulers of all types in minutes.  It utilizes a +/-0.0005" resolution linear scale and a stand alone USB microscope with it's own on-screen crosshair for quick alignment.  All moving parts are fully supported on a linear rail system for rigidity and accuracy ensuring you obtain repeatable results each and every time.


  • Fully supported linear rail.
  • Stand Alone LCD Microscope which prevents parallax error.  Comes with charging cable and instructions for use.
  • Fully portable and rugged design made for use in and out of a laboratory environment.
  • Made to also calibrate the inside and outside tab on a flexible steel tape measure (this is the cut seen in the calibration bed.)
  • +/-0.0005" Resolution linear scale.
  • Comes with a NIST traceable certificate standard, provided through an independent 17025 accredited calibration labratory. Other services such as before and after data and accredited measurement uncertainties (17025) are available upon request.
  • Each one of our items is machined, built and calibrated at the time of ordering ensuring you receive a great item. Typical time from ordering to receiving your product is 10-15 business days.  Please contact us if you need a quicker service.